Design Trends of 2016

With Serenity and Rose Quartz being the Pantone picks of 2016, interior colors are moving towards softer and calmer tones. The below pins are example of what trends are emerging and what to expect in 2016.

1- We are going to see a lot of mixed metals such as: copper, brass, and platinum golds. Different styles are working cohesively together, as you can see from the light fixture below in picture 1. It’s a modern twist on a classic pendant.

2&7- Rich inky blues mixed with whites are still the rage and will be in 2016. More and more manufacturers are recreating the look of their products and are being inspired by the craftsmanship that goes into products produced by hand. In picture 2, Ceratec has created a blue porcelain. There is a special quality about handmade products, the staggered, not so perfect tile tell a story and gives the room character. In picture 7, you can see a beautiful mixture of plain grey tile mixed with hand painted cement tile. This European inspired look is becoming more widespread and really can make a kitchen pop. Get this look from Saltillo.

3- Plants, terrariums, and florals are becoming more prevalent in the home. There is something special about taking care of greenery and watching it grow. Plants and flowers add life to a room and makes for great indoor air quality.

4&5- Hardware is what gives your cabinetry character. It’s like adding jewellery to that little black dress. Picture 4 and 5 are geometric pieces of hardware made of metal. Both are a twist on minimalist design which is a style we will be seeing quite a bit in 2016.

6- Accessories enhance any space and typically become accent pieces to any room. What is so great about accessories is that you can change them and replace them with something fresher to give the space a new look. Accessories can also save you time when it comes to re-decorating, bringing back that classic piece of pottery you loved years ago is way more time efficient than changing out a paint color on a wall or cabinet. The footed bowls in picture 6 are modern yet traditional and add energy to a room.

8- Muted greys are becoming more prevalent and look great in rooms with a lot of natural sunlight. We are starting to see more clients take risks with cabinetry. In picture 8, the lower cabinetry has been painted a warm grey and the upper cabinetry is an eggshell white. This mixture adds dimension to the space and grounds the kitchen. It is usually the kitchen that is the heartbeat of the home so make sure you don’t create a color scheme that is too bold, you always want to keep cabinets neutral.

9- Hardwood is essential when it comes to flooring; it typically never goes out of style and adds warmth to any space. We are starting to get more clients coming in and asking for their wood to applied in a herringbone pattern, as seen picture 9. Intricate joinery is classic and will always be in fashion, it screams elegance and will light up your home.


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